Hello. My name is Fay Cox

I'm a single mother of one, and this is my story. I was working a minimum wage job to support my son, but I couldn't have done it without the help of my family. As he grew older it became harder and harder to support his sports and schooling. I worked for one company for 10 and a half years, but I realized I wasn't going anywhere. I left that for a new one where I stayed for 2 years, but I realized it was no better than the last.

Now I'm older, with a young adult trying to decide what to do with his life. He was offered a partial scholarship to play University football, but would not qualify for it until the following year. We discussed our plans for the future, and agreed that if I updated my workplace skills and found a better job, then he would go to University.

I made an appointment at "Opportunities For Employment" to see what my options were. First, I obtained my intermediate administration certificate. After that I got into this program, "My home my native land". This program saved my life. I am developing my essential workplace skills, and learning that I can do things I never thought possible. And as we had discussed, my son has enrolled in University. If I can do it he can do it.

My journey has brought me to this point. I have all the tools I need to succeed in any job, and my son is pursuing his hopes and dreams in University. I hope you like my story.