I was born in Iceland. I immigrated to Canada in my late teens. A year after I arrived in Canada I went to Red River Community College where I studied hairdressing and beauty culture. I worked in that field for many years. Later on I decided to enter university and finished my BA in Icelandic and English Literature in 1991. I worked as a library assistant at the University of Manitoba for 8 years and I taught Icelandic for many years both privately and at the university level. During the summer of 2004 I took a three month CTESL course at the University of Manitoba. In 2005 I received my MA in Icelandic Language and Literature with emphasis on translations and translation theory. Some of my translations have been published in books and in Canadian and Icelandic periodicals. In 2006 I went to South Korea and taught ESL at Hanshin University, Byeongjeom city (close to Seoul). I enjoyed teaching in Korea, the students were eager to learn English and we had a lot of fun. Last fall I heard about and applied for the pilot program, “My Home, My Native Land,” a four month course which focused on the Governments of Canada nine essential skills for the workplace. Learning basic graphic arts and creating a video, using Adobe software and the nine essential skills, has been very informative and a great experience. I have always enjoyed learning new things and long ago decided that I would make an effort to learn something new every year. Continuous learning is a passion of mine!