Project Description

My Home, My Native Land was conceived as a means to enhance the workplace Essential Skills levels of a unique group of students while working on a novel, socially connected and cutting-edge project. The project focused on the making of a video document using new media and computer-based technologies such as photo manipulation, video editing, motion graphics and web page development – as well as traditional means of visual communication such as basic design, typography usage, painting, drawing and printmaking.

The student cohort consisted of adult individuals who had emigrated from other countries or had re-located to Winnipeg from northern reserves, and/or small towns – and were in need of workplace skills, (as in the 9 Essential Skills), in order to secure employment. The programme consisted of a 16 week semester: 5 days a week 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM – the first part of which was dedicated to training and formal instruction, with the last 9 weeks charted and timetabled as a project production phase with daily, weekly and monthy timesheet reporting.

On the surface, the project asked the students to visually represent their experiences and personal stories as they moved from their birthplaces to their new lives in the city of Winnipeg. However, as they went about gathering the skills necessary to complete their projects, it was necessary to organize and plan them; to solve visual and procedural problems; communicate with the instructors and each other both verbally and in writing; to work individually as well as cooperate in small groups – and finally, to engage in computer use with such activities as the manipulation of various pieces of software, email, and the development and publishing of a simple web page to display their finished projects. The employment skills gained were based on the Government of Canada's Essential Skills Programme and as such are highly prized by employers.

The 9 Essential Skills focused upon include:

Some of the current visual communication skills that were developed included:


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